Are you interested in commercial properties Prague?

Yes? Than welcome to our pages. Here, you can search through number of commercial properties Prague and it’s surroundings. If you want to start your business and you need a place where you can start, look here. You can also search between different properties like family houses, flats and apartments. We have properties for rent as well as for sale.

This is who we are
Who will get you your ideal commercial properties Prague? The Happy house rentals founded at the end of the 90’s is still growing very fast. 11 000 properties may speak to itself. We are offering our services 24/7 and it makes us one of the most flexible and fastest of Real Estate agencies in Prague. We are unordinary Real Estate Agency!

Services you get?
Taking care about our customers is very impotrant to us. Based on our expeiences, we prepared some special services to make our cooperation with the client as easy as possible. Development and Reconstruction is one of the services mentioned before. Even the commercial properties Prague will need a reconstruction some day. Very useful service will help you to deal with such unpleasant situations.

Popular property managemant!
The Property management service is surely one of the most popular service. Over 100 flats and houses are under our managemant. The landlords from abroad brought us to the idea and it has become very populat over the years. If the landlords are living abroad, they can’t manage their porperty themselves. We will take care of all the commercial properties Prague.

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